Crip Wisdom Q & A

posted on April 27th, 2017

[Image description: Portraits of two women sit atop text that reads: Sins Invalid: Birthing, Dying, Becoming Crip Wisdom. Live Web Q & A. April 27th 5-6pm PST. On Facebook Live. With Director, Patricia Berne & Artist, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha. Leah has green eyes and beautiful tawny skin. Her lips are fuchsia pink and her hair is shaved on one side with the other died red. She smiles at the camera. Patricia has large brown eyes, lovely brown skin, arched brows and long curly black hair. She is wearing a beaded necklace and a black and white lace blouse. Her gaze is confident and engaging.]

Please join us for a Q&A by visiting our Facebook page from 5-6 PST today (Thursday, April 27). We want to read your questions!

Patricia Berne will make a delicious introduction on the themes of the performance, and both Leah and Patty will be available to talk about their contributions and respond to your inquiries.

And remember– the 10th Anniversary Show Web Stream is available now through May 1st! Viewing parties are happening all over the world! Here’s what some viewers had to say:

Please stream this beautiful film! It’s only available this week via streaming! I was lucky enough to go to the screening yesterday and met one of the artists. I don’t really have words still and have not experienced anything like this. It feels like right now at this very point everything is coming together with seeing this film and my own organizing. Please watch it this week and consider donating or buying their zine!
~ Sara in Portland
As a queer and a disabled person, I really needed it! I am used to existing in spaces where I have to justify my every behavior, and the art in this film was so healing and validating for me. It was magical to share a community of crips existing together as they are.
~Emma in Chicago


Crip Wisdom Now Streaming!

posted on April 24th, 2017
[Image Description: Two smiling brown skinned people are in profile against a blue background. Each of them is wearing a crown of organic elements. Between them is the text Birthing, Dying, Becoming Crip Wisdom.]

[Image Description: Two smiling brown skinned people are in profile against a blue background. Each of them is wearing a crown of organic elements. Between them is the text Birthing, Dying, Becoming Crip Wisdom.]

Birthing, Dying, Becoming Crip Wisdom is available now at

$10 includes access to Audio Description and Closed Captioning.

Join us from your crip bed,
or watch with friends at one of these viewing parties,
or organize your own party… 
  • We offer a Viewing Packet with lots of materials to support your viewing experience, including discussion questions, access suggestions, programs and posters and more.
  • We suggest using the Audio Description and Closed Caption options for increased accessibility.
  • Please note that previous technical glitches on the Audio Described version have been corrected. Please use the one marked *New & Improved*
  • There are three minutes of announcements at the beginning, which illustrate ways that Sins Invalid works to create mixed ability space that is accessible for as many people as possible.
  • Audio Description comes in at 3:10.
  • At your viewing party, please collect donations of $0-10 per person. You can send donations to us through our Flipcause page, or mail them to us at Sins Invalid c/o Dancers Group / 44 Gough St. #200 / San Francisco, CA 94103.
  • If $10 is more than you can afford, please email us at
    and we will send you a promo code.

Crip Wisdom Streaming Details

posted on April 21st, 2017
  • The Westreaming event goes from 4/24/17 – 5/1/17
  • The video is 1 hour and 55 minutes
  • The viewing platform is
  • The link will continue to work for a week from purchase
  • There will be Audio Described and Closed Caption options on Vimeo (we recommend public screenings use both)
  • Link to Viewing Packet:
  • Live Q&A on Thu, April 27th, at 5p PST” with artist, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha and director, Patricia Berne, streamed on our FB page.
  • When we release the streaming link we will make it available on the Facebook Event Page
  • Once the link is available, click the link to view
  • You will need to make a Vimeo account
  • Vimeo will charge you $10 to watch the 10th anniversary show Sins Invalid Birthing, Dying Becoming Crip Wisdom
  • We ask viewing party organizers to ask for donations of $0-10 per person in attendance, and to donate proceeds to Sins Invalid; we are offering this webstream as a fundraiser for Sins
  • We understand that people may be hosting the screening as fundraisers for their own organizations; we’re happy to dialogue about what amount would be appropriate to donate
  • If you can’t pay $10 for the vimeo link, let us know and we will find a way to work with you
  • If you would like to pay more than $10 you can:
    • Donate through our Flipcause page
    • write a check to Dancer’s Group with the memo: For Sins Invalid
    • Pass a basket, and if you are local we will send someone to pick up cash
  • If you would like support promoting your viewing party, we will be assembling a newsletter which includes links to several viewing parties in the US, and we would be happy to let folks know about yours as well.
    • If this is something that you would like, please respond